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Go through each goal and select an answer.

When finished, view your goals summary by clicking the large button at the bottom.

On the summary page of your goals, you can choose to email the goals you selected to yourself to be a reminder or to help get started in treatment.

Let's Explore Your Goals

Let’s see how CBT for Substance Use Disorders treatment may be helpful to you. Below is a list of treatment goals of Veterans who’ve tried this treatment. From these, select the goals you may have for yourself. At the end, I’ll list the goals you selected, and you’ll be able to e-mail them to yourself. If you choose to get treatment, bring these goals with you to help you get started.


In the list below, select “Yes” next to each goal that may apply to you.

I want to stop using alcohol or other substances.

Please select an option.

Great – this is what CBT-SUD treatment is designed to do! Research shows that learning skills to help you manage urges to use, communicate better, improve your mood, increase social support, and effectively solve problems can help you stop using alcohol or other substances.

I don’t want to totally stop using alcohol or other substance, but I want to cut back on the amount I’m using.

Please select an option.

CBT-SUD treatment helps many people make—and keep—changes in their alcohol or other drug use. Your therapist will talk with you about your specific goals, whether this involves completely stopping or reducing your use of substances.

I want to cope better with stress.

Please select an option.

Learning new ways to manage stress can help you cope with difficult situations without using alcohol or other drugs. Many people who go through treatment find new ways to cope that work for them.

I want to develop skills to improve my mood.

Please select an option.

Many people who struggle with alcohol or other drug use also report problems with feeling down, stressed, anxious, or angry too. Many people also use alcohol or other drugs to help them cope with these negative feelings. If that’s true for you, you’ll learn proven skills for managing your mood without alcohol or other drugs.

I want to improve relationships in my life.

Please select an option.

People who use alcohol or other drugs often have problems in their relationships with family, friends, or other people in their lives. CBT-SUD can teach you to communicate better with the people who are important to you.

I want to better control cravings I have for alcohol or other drugs.

Please select an option.

During one of the first steps of treatment, you and your therapist will pinpoint situations where you have an urge to drink or use other drugs. Once you spot and understand these situations, you’ll learn how to reduce or manage them.

I want to learn effective problem solving skills.

Please select an option.

Sometimes problems can feel overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start to solve them. This can lead to negative feelings, challenges in relationships, or problems at work (to name just a few!). CBT-SUD treatment can help you learn effective ways to go about solving problems in many areas of your life.

I want to be able to say no to alcohol or other drugs in social situations.

Please select an option.

Many people find it difficult to turn down offers to use alcohol or other drugs in certain social situations. Some people find it hard not to use when they’re with friends who are using. Some people live with someone who uses. Whatever the situation might be, CBT-SUD treatment can help you learn skills to help you communicate that you don’t want to use.

I want to feel better about myself.

Please select an option.

Some people who use alcohol or other drugs view themself and their situation in an overly negative way—like they are looking through dark or cloudy lenses. CBT-SUD treatment can teach you powerful thinking skills to help you see yourself and your situation in a more balanced way.

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Great – here is a summary of the goals you’ve selected!

These goals can help you see if CBT for Substance Use Disorders may be helpful to you. Click the button at the bottom to e-mail your goals to yourself. If you choose to get CBT (or other treatment), bring these goals to your health care provider or therapist to help you get started!

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