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Go through each goal and select an answer.

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On the summary page of your goals, you can choose to email the goals you selected to yourself to be a reminder or to help get started in treatment.

Let’s Explore Your Goals

Let’s see how CBT for Depression treatment may be helpful to you. Below is a list of treatment goals of Veterans who’ve tried this treatment. From these, select the goals you may have for yourself. At the end, I’ll list the goals you selected, and you’ll be able to e-mail them to yourself. If you choose to get treatment, bring these goals with you to help you get started.


In the list below, select “Yes” next to each goal that may apply to you.

I want to improve my mood.

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Great – this is the heart of CBT treatment! Research shows that your mood is related to your thoughts and behaviors. The treatment teaches thinking skills for clearing up the dark and foggy "lenses” through which people with depression see themselves and the world. It also involves helping to figure and increase activities that are enjoyable to you.

I want to feel more hopeful about my future.

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It is common for people with depression to feel hopeless. CBT treatment provides tools for thinking about the future in more accurate and hopeful ways. It also involves creating and working toward short-term and long-term goals for your life. Many people who go through treatment feel more confident and in control of their future.

I want to feel less guilty about things from the past.

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Many people with depression have thoughts of guilt about things they have done in the past. However, these thoughts are often one-sided and do not take into account the “big picture”. CBT treatment teaches skills for looking at these thoughts more clearly and replacing them with more balanced thoughts.

I want to improve relationships in my life.

Please select an option.

Relationship problems are often part of depression. CBT treatment can teach you communication and other skills to allow you to develop closer and more meaningful relationships in your life.

I want to have things to look forward to.

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Having things to look forward to in life is important, but it is often hard for people with depression. CBT treatment is goals-based. This means that you and your therapist will create goals you want for your life that will be a roadmap for treatment. Then, you and your therapist will work together to help you achieve these goals. You’ll learn specific skills and take steps to feel more hopeful and confident about the future.

I want to feel less anxious.

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Many people who are depressed also have feelings of anxiety, like worrying or feeling on edge. CBT treatment is very effective in reducing feelings of both depression and anxiety. The therapy teaches skills for calming both the mind and body. Many people say that these skills make feel more content and in control of their emotions.

I want to be able to cope better with stress and challenging situations.

Please select an option.

Stress can be difficult to manage, especially when things get tough. CBT treatment teaches thinking and behavior skills that can help to reduce stress and manage stressful situations in the moment. Being able to manage stress is an important part of beating depression!

I want to be able to take care of my responsibilities each day.

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It is common for people with depression to feel overwhelmed or unable to meet the many demands of life. CBT treatment teaches problem-solving skills for managing tasks and breaking them down into smaller steps. Many people find they have more energy and confidence for dealing with what comes at them once they learn these skills!

I want to feel better about myself.

Please select an option.

Feeling down or disappointed in oneself is common among people with depression. CBT treatment teaches skills for looking at yourself and your life in more positive and balanced ways. Treatment also involves creating personal goals and doing things in your life that provide you with a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

I want to learn how to control my irritability and anger.

Please select an option.

Most people know that sadness is part of depression, but for some people, depression includes feeling irritable or angry. CBT treatment teaches skills for changing thoughts and behaviors that lead to feeling irritable and angry. The treatment also teaches skills for increasing positive emotions and relaxation that also help to reduce irritability and anger.

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Great – here is a summary of the goals you’ve selected!

These goals can help you see if Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may be helpful to you. Click the button at the bottom to e-mail your goals to yourself. If you choose to get CBT (or other treatment), bring these goals to your health care provider or therapist to help you get started!

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