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On the summary page of your goals, you can choose to email the goals you selected to yourself to be a reminder or to help get started in treatment.

Let's Explore Your Goals

Let’s see how CBT for Insomnia treatment may be helpful to you. Below is a list of treatment goals of Veterans who’ve tried this treatment. From these, select the goals you may have for yourself. At the end, I’ll list the goals you selected, and you’ll be able to e-mail them to yourself. If you choose to get treatment, bring these goals with you to help you get started.


In the list below, select “Yes” next to each goal that may apply to you.

I want to sleep longer each night.

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This is a perfect goal for CBT for Insomnia treatment! Treatment begins by looking at how much you currently sleep. Then, you’ll learn very effective ways to improve your sleep. After about 4 weeks, most Veterans who receive this treatment sleep longer and better.

I want to fall asleep sooner each night.

Please select an option.

Laying awake at night is a common – and uncomfortable – part of insomnia. CBT treatment teaches proven skills for falling asleep more quickly. As part of treatment, you will learn how to re-train your brain for sleep. You will also learn skills to calm both your mind and body so they are ready for sleep.

I want to get through the day without worrying about whether I will sleep that night.

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Many people with insomnia worry about whether they’ll fall asleep at night. This makes the mind more active and makes sleep problems even worse. CBT treatment teaches skills to change thoughts that make it harder to sleep and to relax the mind and body.

I want to get better quality sleep so that I wake up feeling rested.

Please select an option.

CBT treatment is about both increasing the amount of sleep and how well you sleep. In fact, most people who receive this treatment report feeling more rested and better able to function during the day.

I want to reduce the time I lay awake each night.

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Great – this is at the heart of CBT treatment! The treatment includes specific steps that are proven to decrease the amount of time people with insomnia are awake at night. These steps will help you both fall asleep more quickly when you go to bed and reduce the amount of time you spend laying awake during the night.

I want to feel more rested and less tired throughout the day.

Please select an option.

People with insomnia often feel tired and like they are “dragging” during the day. Because CBT treatment improves how much and how well one sleeps, most people report that they feel more rested and awake during the day!

I want to be able to concentrate and focus better.

Please select an option.

Sleep is important for concentration and focus. Because of this, many people who have problems sleeping report not being able to concentrate as well at work, in school, or at home. By improving how much and how well you sleep, CBT treatment can help improve your ability to concentrate and focus. This can make it easier to get things done.

I want to improve my mood.

Please select an option.

Sleeping well is important for emotional health. Because of this, some people with insomnia have changes in their mood, including feeling down or irritable. The good news is research (including research with Veterans) shows that, as sleep improves during CBT treatment, so too does mood. This is an added benefit of treatment!

I want to be able to function better at work, at school, or just generally throughout the day.

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By improving the amount of sleep, quality of sleep, and mood, CBT treatment improves the ability to function throughout the day and live life!

I do not want to have to take sleeping pills to help me sleep.

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Sleep medications can make people feel sleepy for a short amount of time. Although, they usually don’t help with getting more restful sleep. Sleeping pills can also have side effects. Research on CBT for Insomnia treatment shows that it is as effective as sleep medications in the short-term and more effective than medications in the long-term. It also has no side effects.

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These goals can help you see if Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may be helpful to you. Click the button at the bottom to e-mail your goals to yourself. If you choose to get CBT (or other treatment), bring these goals to your health care provider or therapist to help you get started!

    Now that you’ve learned about proven treatment and considered how it may help you, let’s look at where to find treatment!

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